Senate is the highest academic body of the University on academic matters and the highest forum for academic discussion and debate within North Borneo University College. The Senate established under Section 16 of the University Constitutions pursuant to Sub-section 30(1) Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1995 (Act 555) and is an advisory body to the Vice Chancellor on the following matters:

  • To set up Faculties and Schools, and departments, units or bodies;
  • To confer honorary degrees on persons who have contributed to the advancement or dissemination of knowledge, or who have rendered distinguished public service;
  • To confer certificates, diplomas and degrees upon persons who have successfully completed course of study approved by the University and have satisfied such other requirements as may be prescribed by the University
  • To formulate polices and methods of teaching and learning, examination, research, scholarship and training conducted in, by or from the University;
  • To ensure educational standards in the course of study provided in, by or from the University
  • To determine the feasibility or otherwise of any proposal in respect of any curriculum or course of study conducted or to be conducted in, by or from the University;
  • To determine the qualifications required for admission into any course of study provided in, by or from the University;
  • To regulate the conduct of assessment and examinations, confirm examination’s results and determine appeals;


The composition of the Senate is as follows:

Ex Officio

  • Vice Chancellor, who shall be the chairman;
  • Deputy Vice Chancellors;
  • Deans of each Faculty/Institute;
  • Head of Branch Campuses and Learning Centres;
  • Registrar, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Librarian & Legal Adviser (not entitled to vote)


  • Not more than twenty full-time professors and associate professors of the University


Contact Details

Chair of Senate

Professor Dr Fred Chin Yuk Fong

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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