The Path to Honorary University Fellowship

Honorary University Fellowships are awarded to individuals in recognition of their contributions to the University.

They are awarded to those who have steadfastly supported the interests and welfare of the University.

To those who have advanced the University's aims of academic and research excellence.

To those who have helped the University build partnerships with other institutions and communities, in Malaysia and around the world.

And to those who have enhanced the University's reputation and strengthened its local and international standing.

To be awarded an Honorary University Fellowship is to be recognized for any, or all, of these contributions to the University.

Thus the award of Fellowship is a mark of the University's gratitude, one of its most important traditions and a reflection of the esteem in which the Fellow is held by the University.



Award Verification Service


To assist third parties in verifying a recipient’s NBUC award, please contact Secretariat of Vice-Chancellor Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you're seeking additional information about a NBUC graduate (for example the dates of their attendance or grades), you will require the graduate's authorization in order to comply with Personal Data Protection Act 2010.



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