The information provided below apply for International Students. Prospective students can contact the Borneo International Student Service (BISS) for further details. Contact details are given at the end of this page. All international students are required to read the guidelines to ensure all information is complete. There are essentially three (3) basic steps to the applications process at North Borneo University College.

  • Students are advised to read the requirements for admission carefully and ensure all information submitted is complete and true.

    1. Obtain an Application Form from NBUC International Office, NBUC representatives or download from the FORM section under Online Resource page.
    2. Submission can be done via Online Registration, send in the printed form and relevant documents to BISS office directly or through an authorized representative in your country.
    3. Complete the form and attach the following document :

    International Students Applying From Country of Origin (New Applicants)
    • To apply, please make application fee payment

    • Passport sized photographs (4cm x 5.5cm, white background) with applicant's name and passport number written on the back side;

    • Certified true copies of all academic qualifications and English Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL or Equivalent);

    • A complete set your passport Photocopy - all pages including blank pages. (The passport must have a validity period of at least 12 months);

    • An updated resume (for Postgraduate program application only);

    • Employment confirmation letter from employer (if applicable)

    International Students Applying within Malaysia (Transfer Student)
    • To register, please make payment for application fee; together with all documents from (b) to (f) listed above; 

    • Offer Letter will be issued by North Borneo University College;

    • Request for the following documents from recent college/institution and ensure that all documents are CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES by the college/institution;Employment confirmation letter from employer (if applicable)

      • Release letter;

      • Attendance record;

      • Result Slip or Academic Transcript or Certificates.

    1. Upon receiving the application form, payment of application fees and relevant supporting documents, as explained above, BISS will email a copy of the Offer Letter to the student if the International Student is accepted.
    2. Students need to pay first tuition fee instalment as stated in the Offer Letter (either by Telegraphic Transfer to NBUC Bank Account or Bank Draft).
    3. BISS Office will submit the documents to the Sabah Immigration Department to begin the process of Visa Approval Application.

  • Once Borneo International School Service (BISS) has received the VISA APPROVAL LETTER, it will be sent or posted together with the original Offer Letter to the eligible applicant. Once received, applicant may proceed to applying a STUDENT PASS from the nearest Malaysia Embassy in the respective home or source country.

    Entry requirements may depend on the program you wish to apply for.

    In order to be considered for admission in NORTH BORNEO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, you are obliged to satisfy the minimum entry requirements and additional entry conditions for the particular program you are applying.

    BISS Office will assist student to validate on minimum entry requirements. Successful selection for admission to any program shall be at the sole discretion of the university.




    GCE o-Level with minimum 5 subjects pass with Credit including a Mathematics subject; or Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by Malaysian government


    GCE o-Level with minimum 3 subjects pass with Credit including a Mathematics subject; or Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by Malaysian government


    GCE A-Level with minimum 2 principal passes or CGPA 2.0; or Pass Foundation, Matriculation or Diploma in relevant field recognized by the Senate with minimum CGPA 2.0; or any other equivalent qualification accepted by the University Senate.


     Bachelor degree (MQF Level 6) with minimum, CGPA 2.50, or other equivalent qualification accepted by the University Senate; or Bachelor degree (MQF level 6) with less than CGPA 2.50, plus 5 years working experience in related field; or Any other equivalent qualifications recognized by Malaysia government. 


     A Master Degree (MQF Level 7) in related field as accepted by the University Senate; or Any qualifications equivalent to Master's Degree (MQF Level 7) or as accepted by the University Senate. 


    All international students minimum English results : applying for degree and postgraduate programmes are required to meet the requirement as per below :

    Bachelor                                    IELTS 5.0 or equivalent

    Master/Doctorate                   IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

    * Aside from TOEFL and IELTS, a minimum of Band 3 achievement in Malaysian University English Test (MUET) will be accepted, however its only applicable to international students who are applying for an undergraduate programme. 

 For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our Borneo International Student Service (BISS) :

Telephone Number : +6 088 218 230 / +6 088 487 230 / +6 088 487 248

Fax Number : +6088 486 248 

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