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The North Borneo University College (NBUC) is the first private university established in State of Sabah. Established under Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996, recognised by Ministry of Education Malaysia and full member of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU, UK). NBUC is a nationally accredited university with a distinguished historical name of North Borneo in acknowledgement to the history and diversity in ethnicity, culture and language for the State of Sabah. The State of North Borneo was made a British protectorate in 1888.

The University established since 2006 and rebranded to North Borneo University College in March 2015, as the first private university college in Sabah that offering postgraduate programme up to doctoral level.

North Borneo University College situated in Kota Kinabalu offers lots of opportunities to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Sabah to international students. The campus equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Drone Technology, Ground Penetrating Radar, Forensic Lab, Armedeus Lab and e-library to stay ahead with Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0.

NBUC is an evolutionary academy that welcomes worldwide learners. We practice the finest institution principles and orientate them with contemporary society in an ultramodern world of pursuit and trade. We utilize eclectic approaches of traditional and present pedagogies to advocate talent towards favourable outcomes. Being mostly student-centered, North Borneo University College will empower you through intelligence amplification via holistic tutelage. A sound proficiency is just the inception of your career. With us, you are a member of a network that perpetually aspire to attain greater goals.

We are an institution for the future of works and we want only the best of you. We celebrate ourstanding individuals as one of our most noteworthy resources. To us, you are not a number, but a name that will be ubiquitous in the workforce. It is our mission to pave industrial pathways between commerce, research organisation and an all-rounder prospect like you. Our growing number of graduates and their successful employment record prove our genuineness in the education sector.

North Borneo University College is a pathway to a brighter future; it starts here!



Affordable and Possible education for all


To make it easy to synergize education and business

7 Values : IPTACEI
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Tolerant
  • Adaptable
  • Cohesive
  • Empathy
  • Impactful
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  • We are committed to providing excellent services to you as our student and endeavor to exceed all your expectations.
  • We care and are concerned about you and put your needs first by providing a positive and supportive environment for you to achieve your goals.
  • We highly rate innovation and we are therefore always looking to find new ways to do things better.
  • We listen to you, and your feedback on your academic performance is a fundamental element of the NBUC approach to teaching and learning.
  • Our people are committed to enhancing their personal and professional development which will ensure you have a great experience with North Borneo University College.
  • We are open and honest and have an open-door policy to create a receptive environment where you can develop, contribute and prosper.


Independence of Academic Board

Our North Borneo University College governance structure protects and assures the integrity of academic decision making. The Academic Board is independent and tasked with a clear remit for academic development and quality assurance.

Purpose of the Academic Board

The Academic Board has ultimate responsibility for the standards and quality our our educational provision at NBUC. The Vice-Chancellor will exercise academic leadership and coordinate academic activities, and the Deans shall be responsible for monitoring standards and quality at qualification level. The Academic Board is ultimately responsible for all assessments relating to our qualifications through the Board of Examiners.


  • London Examinations Board, UK
  • Global Business School College, Japan
  • Geomatika University College, Malaysia
  • Princeton International Education Group, Singapore
  • Dominican University, California
  • Qilu University of Technology, China
  • Jesselton College, Malaysia
  • Ascot Academy, Malaysia